Temporary Showroom in Torino

For events, exhibitions and presentations

Temporary showrooms in Torino

For presentations and event or exhibitions near Torino

Are you an exhibitor? Do you need a space to organize product launches, exhibitions or presentations? Rent one of our temporary showrooms in Turin and enjoy the convenience of a furnished, immediately available and fully equipped space!

 The perfect solution for agents, representatives, exhibitors, artists, entrepreneurs, professionals, consultants, start-ups and companies. With advantageous hourly rents, you will have the perfect showcase to promote your business effectively and get the visibility you deserve.

Our temporary showrooms have various sizes (from 40 sqm upwards) and can be customized independently with our equipment such as tables, tablecloths, drying racks, grid shelves, mobile walls or with the advice of showroom and shop fitters

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Why choosing a showroom in the Europalace Business Center

  • 5 minutes from Turin
  • A 20-minute drive from Turin Airport
  • Easy access roads (motorways)
  • Well connected by public transport*

*direct connection GTT line N.5 from Piazza Arbarello (located 5 minutes from Porta Susa station with a stop in front of our Center) or via the North ring road with the Orbassano exit

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Modern and elegant locations

Our showrooms are located within the Smart Office Centre, an integral part of the Europa Lace Business Centre in Orbassano. This location is characterized by its modern and elegant structure, and offers customers and guests a large outdoor car park, goods loading/unloading area, lifts with goods lift, storage, and dedicated free parking spaces. Its strategic location, in the immediate vicinity of the ring road (Turin North with Orbassano exit), makes it easily accessible from anywhere in the city:

The temporary showrooms of Europalace Uffici in Turin offer full optional areas.

When booking the showroom, you can request additional services, such as Coffee Breaks, Quick Lunch, trolleys, badges for 24/7 entry.

Europalace offices showroom: all inclusive services

Water, light and electricity

Heating and air conditioning

Concierge service

Possibility of receiving parcels and correspondence

Room security adaptation

Relaxation area

Shared network printer
(with its own confidential access code)

Shared connectivity up to 1000/500mb
(on FTTH optical fiber)

Shared connectivity up to 500/250mb
(over shared fiber optic)

LAN connection
(wireless and/or wired with reserved vlan)

Do you need a temporary showroom? Here are the most frequently asked questions from our customers

I happen to organize a presentation of my products in hotels although I would prefer a more reserved place: how can I do?


It’s very simple: contact us and book a Showroom at our Office Center for the desired day and only for the time you need it.

I should organize a presentation of my products and I look for a place with parking facilities for my guests, what can I do?


Our Office Centre has plenty of free parking outside for our customers and their guests.

What are the benefits of using a showroom in an Office Center?

  • Value for money because the rates applied in the Office Centers are lower than those applied by the commercial shops for rent.
  • Possibility of interactions with other companies in the Office Center
  • Use of a space with All Inclusive services
  • Easy parking and access for guests

What are the events that can be organized in the showroom?


In our showrooms you can organize any type of events, such as product displays, service presentations, exhibitions etc.

What are the possible layouts available in the showrooms?


Showrooms are flexible spaces and can be organized with different layouts, according to customer needs

Are there indicators and directional signs to help guests find the showroom?


During your stay, a plaque will be placed at the showroom door and indication signs will be displayed with your company name or logo to help guests find the showroom.

Can I use a Showroom even if I am not already a customer?


Of course! Our showrooms can be booked, even if you are not already our customer and for the time you need.

Do I need a reservation to use a Showroom?


Yes, by contacting our Center you can book a Showroom for as long as you want.

Are there discounts for continuous use of the showrooms?


Yes, discounts are available for returning customers.

Can I use your showrooms to display my products?


Our showrooms are suitable for all kinds of events including product displays.

Can I choose the type of showroom according to my needs?


Of course, you can choose the type of Showroom according to the availability and your needs.

Is it possible to organize a coffee break or quick lunch during the event?


Yes, you can arrange coffee breaks or quick lunches during events.

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