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Virtual office in Turin

Do you want to run your business quickly, flexibly and efficiently? The virtual office is the answer you are looking for! Thanks to the virtual office, you can expand your business to new locations without the costs and burdens of a physical space. 

The perfect solution for those who want to optimize their resources and reach new market opportunities. Choose our virtual office service a few kilometers from Turin to make your business even more effective and profitable!

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What do our virtual offices in Turin offer?

  • Legal and/or postal domiciliation
  • Occasional use of a reserved office or meeting room
  • Carnet access
  • Local unit with reference office
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Legal and postal domiciliation at Europalace virtual offices

Do you want to save time, money and avoid the complication of having to open a physical office? Legal and postal domiciliation at the virtual office is the ideal solution for companies, cooperatives, freelancers, entrepreneurs and start-ups wishing to use a prestigious address as their company’s registered office or to receive general mail, signed mail and parcels without having to worry about mail management.

Why choose our domiciliation services?

Postal domiciliation
Through the legal or postal domiciliation service, our staff will receive and file any type of correspondence, both ordinary and signed off or similar (for example legal documents).

Dedicated space for received mail
The correspondence is received, registered and filed in a special dedicated area for you.

Address use
Our address is available for you for legal or postal domiciliations and it will be reported on all the official documentation of your company, such as headed paper, business cards, website, etc

Services not included



Photocopies and phone calls


Use of meeting rooms for up to 170 people (booking required)


Legal and postal domiciliation (address and mail custody)


Customisation of display cases and additional special furnishings


PC and electronic equipment rental


Technical support and implementation of IT services

Why choose our domiciliation services?

What is the virtual office?


The virtual office is a service that can be designed according to your needs by choosing one or all of the following options:

  • Dedicated telephone line with call forwarding on a fixed or mobile number chosen by the customer
  • Legal or postal domiciliation
  • Rent an office just for hour or for the whole day
  • Hourly or daily rental of meeting rooms

What are the advantages of a virtual office?

  • It allows you to have a legal or a postal domiciliation rather than a dedicated telephone line, without having a real office
  • Cost containment
  • More flexibility in managing your activities

What documents are needed to activate the service?


Required documents for issuing the contract are:

  • ID/Passport and Tax Code of the legal representative of the Company or the private individual
  • An updated chamber visura of the Company
  • AA7 Model – Application for the allocation of the tax code number and declaration of the start of activity (only in the case of legal domiciliation)

What’s the leadtime to activate this service?


24 hours from your request.

What is the minimum duration of the contract?


1 year

Can I withdraw from the contract before the expiring date?


Yes, with 60 days notice

Can I amend the contract in progress by adding additional services?


Of course it is possible to amend the contract in progress including additional services.