Office for rent to buy formula in Torino

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Offices for rent to buy formula in Turin

The solution to buy without turning on a bank loan!

Do you want to have an office of your own without having to worry about immediate payment?

Redeemable office rental is the intermediate solution between renting and buying space for your business.

This formula is often confused with other types of contract that are quite distinct from it, such as: rent to buy, lease with option to buy, lease with future sale and sale with reservation of title. To find out more about the differences between each type of contract, read our guide to rent to buy. A lease with redemption allows you to “buy the office” at any time or at the end of the lease, thus redeeming the rent paid during a certain period of time (comparable to the amortisation period of the mortgage). Once the lease is terminated, ownership is transferred to the tenant upon settlement of the lease. This aspect is the most significant advantage of renting office space for redemption, especially in the event of difficulties in accessing bank credit.

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Why rent an office at the Europalace Business Centre?

Are you an entrepreneur, startupper or SME manager looking for an office in a strategic location near Turin? Our multi-service centers offer you the perfect solution for your business needs. You can choose from offices on a rent-to-buy basis of different sizes and capacities.

And that’s not all: monthly rent to buy guarantees you ownership of your office without having to pay the entire cost at once. In this way, you can own your office in deferred terms and with advantageous conditions.

Finally, our team of experts is always at your disposal to create a customized working environment for you, customizing design, furniture and technological equipment.


Stai pensando di affittare un ufficio?

Inizia a progettare il tuo futuro, crea il tuo ufficio.

Progettiamo insieme il tuo nuovo spazio di lavoro

Il servizio di configurazione è adatto alle aziende che, oltre alla necessità di comprare o affittare un ufficio, vogliono personalizzare il proprio luogo di lavoro.

Inizia a progettare per il futuro

Passa dalla progettazione alla visualizzazione del tuo nuovo ufficio con il rendering 3D, e trasforma il tuo progetto in una realtà concreta. Scegli la personalizzazione su misura e realizza il tuo spazio di lavoro ideale.

Personalizzazione del tuo ufficio

Grazie all’aiuto dei nostri architetti e designer potrai personalizzare l’ufficio scegliendo: il layout delle aree di lavoro, i materiali, il design dell’arredamento e delle luci.

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Thinking of renting an office?

Start planning your future, create your office.

Let us design your ideal workspace together

We offer a tailor-made configuration service, suitable for companies wishing not only to buy or rent an office, but also to customize their workspace to reflect the image and values of their business.

Start designing for the future

Switch from simple design to 3D Rendering: see your office come to life before your eyes, with a clearer, more precise and detailed view of the entire workspace.

Customize your office

Do you want to transform your office into a unique environment perfectly suited to your needs? With the help of our architects and designers, you will have the opportunity to customize every aspect: from the layout of workspaces to the choice of materials and the design of furniture and lighting.

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Office rent to buy: what do you need to know

What is the rent to buy formula?

  • In the rent to buy formula will be issued a renting agreement with a fixed price for the final buying option.
  • Within the term established by the agreement, the property can be carried out, with the transfer of the right of ownership.
  • At the time of sale, the installments paid up to that point are considered as an account, in whole or in part.
  • In the event of failure to exercise the purchase option, the client will lose the installments paid untill that moment and must immediately leave the property.

What are the advantages of renting to buy offices?

  • Who already has a capital, but is unable to obtain a bank loan, will be able to buy the property, paying it in convenient installments.
  • The rent to buy agreement protects against installments price increases.
  • The rent to buy agreement allows you trying to use the property to see if it is suitable to your needs, even considering it as a classic rental.
  • The selling price chosen by the parties can be a fixed price from the beginning, it can be the market price at the time of the notarial deed, it can be fixed at the beginning and then reduced taking into consideration, in full or in part, the installments paid up to that time.

What is the difference between buying and renting to buy offices?


The direct acquisition of a property is only possible when you have a large amount of cash money, or guarantees in case of bank loan, before to sign the agreement. Instead, the rent to buy, allows you to acquire the ownership of a property with payment delayed over time and with monthly installments that will be considered as a deposit on the future acquisition.