Temporary offices and coworking in orbassano

Turin, are conceived to give space to your business directly from the builder to the new owner, as an exclusive, welcoming and equipped structure with all the comforts to better perform your business, including:

  • Concierge and Video surveillance service
  • Parking always available
  • Receiving parcels or correspondence
  • Legal and postal domiciliation

The available spaces at Europalace Office Center are much more than offices.Close to Turin, they are places where you can find useful resources for your business, starting from their strategic position and from the opportunity of network created by all the companies in the structure.

The Europalace offices are, actually, in front of the Fiat Research Center, just five minutes from Turin and twenty from the Caselle airport. This place is easily accessible both by car and public transport, thanks to the GTT line 5, which stops right in front of our center.

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europalace uffici spaces in orbassano: from outside to inside

Outside, the multi-service building in Orbassano shows an elegant, contemporary and high-impact architecture, thanks to the curtain wall. The infrastructure covers an area of 25,000 square meters (270,000 square feet) with 4 floors above ground, 35,000 square meters underground with 2 floors, for a total of 60,000 square meters (646,000 square feet).

These spaces are served by: three ramps, six stairs, eight panoramic lifts and two elevators (capacity 1,000 kilos – 2,200 libras). Three pedestrian entrances, a main hall of 500 square meters and two secondary entrances lead to the two internal side squares, with restaurant, gym, relax and green areas, covered with bright transparent dome. Orbassano Europalace Office Center hosts 150 different business. This information is very important for those like you , because helps networking, socialization and projects and ideas sharing in a pleasant, quiet and confortable environment.

Inside of the Orbassano multiservice building, you will find office units with heating system and privately supplied utilities , as well as:

  • Offices to rent or to buy
  • Temporary furnished offices from 1 to 4 all inclusive working stations
  • Fully equipped meeting rooms, ranging from 10 to 170 people
  • Showrooms
  • Garages and covered parking lot (500 places) in addition to esternal parking lot (200 places).

In the base of their dimension, offices could be classified in three categories, each one can be suited to projects of different size and purpose:

  1. 1

    Small, from 95 square meters suitable for start up and micro business

  2. 2

    Medium, from 150 square meters suitable for small and medium companies

  3. 3

    Extra, from 250 square meters, modular and versatile, for large companies.

If you recognize yourself in one of these 3 types of business and are looking for a location close to Turin, Europalace will help you to identify the solution that best suits your needs because, for over 30 years, giving space to your business is what we do.

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