Offices in rent to buy formula in Turin

the solution to buy without turning on a bank loan!

Offices in rent to buy formula in Turin: the solution to buy without turning on a bank loan!

Renting to buy offices allows you to “buy the office” at any time or at the end of the rental contract, deducing the installments already paid during a certain period of time from the total amount due. So the installments could be considered like a real amortization. Once the lease is terminated, the property is transferred to the client paying the balance of the sale contract. This aspect is the most significant advantage of renting to buy offices, especially in the event of difficulty in accessing to a bank credit.

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Why rent an office at the Europalace business center?

In our multi-service centers, just 5 kilometers from Turin, you will find offices in the rent to buy formula best suited to your needs as a business owner, startupper or SME. We will help you to choose your office from various dimensions, suitable to host a different number of people in a very simple and clear way with advantageous and transparent conditions for your company. The monthly rent to buy installments will guarantee you the right of ownership on your office, as in a sale delayed over time. Finally, visiting our Europalace Offices Center, our team will show you available offices according to your needs and request in terms of design, furnishings, comfort and technological equipment.

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The configuration service is suitable for companies that, in addition to the need to buy or rent an office, want to personalize their workplace.

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Customization of your office

With the help of our architects and designers, you can customize the office choosing: the layout of the work areas, the materials, the design of the furniture and the lights.


  • In the rent to buy formula will be issued a renting agreement with a fixed price for the final buying option.
  • Within the term established by the agreement, the property can be carried out, with the transfer of the right of ownership.
  • At the time of sale, the installments paid up to that point are considered as an account, in whole or in part.
  • In the event of failure to exercise the purchase option, the client will lose the installments paid untill that moment and must immediately leave the property.
  • Who already has a capital, but is unable to obtain a bank loan, will be able to buy the property, paying it in convenient installments.
  • The rent to buy agreement protects against installments price increases.
  • The rent to buy agreement allows you trying to use the property to see if it is suitable to your needs, even considering it as a classic rental.
  • The selling price chosen by the parties can be a fixed price from the beginning, it can be the market price at the time of the notarial deed, it can be fixed at the beginning and then reduced taking into consideration, in full or in part, the installments paid up to that time.

The direct acquisition of a property is only possible when you have a large amount of cash money, or guarantees in case of bank loan, before to sign the agreement. Instead, the rent to buy, allows you to acquire the ownership of a property with payment delayed over time and with monthly installments that will be considered as a deposit on the future acquisition.